Space Derby Tournament

The 1st Annual Space Derby took place at our last meeting but not without a hitch and if you weren’t there, you missed a 3 hour long tournament.  Yes, I said 3 hours.  First of all, the leaders decided to build the Space Derby for the first time at exactly 6PM and finally managed to finished around 7:30.

Besides that, we quickly noticed that this activity is time consuming because of the maintenance with the rubber bands breaking and all the other issues that were occurring after each meet.  Even with all those things, the tournament went well and all the kids (and parents) seemed to really enjoy it.  We also saw a cameo from Jason; that was cool!! :)

Congrats to all the boys…  All the space derbies looked very cool and had their own design!  The Winners circle is listed under the pictures…

[superb cats=2]

Heat Winners

Tigers / Wolves
First Place Tony the Tiger
Second Place Julien
Third Place Diego
First Place Sebastian B.
Second Place Christopher
Third Place Sebastian S.
First Place Jason
Second Place Jayden
Third Place Samuel

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