Larry and Penny Thompson Park Camping Trip

We finally had our 1st Camping trip of the year and while there were only 6 Cub Scouts who actually stayed overnight, we had around 16 kids on Saturday since it was held in a local park.  We had several activities to do throughout the trip and the kids really enjoyed them.  I arrived at camp around mid-day Friday and we quickly setup the tent and assisted in getting the kitchen and mess hall setup before the Sunset.

On Saturday we had more Cub Scouts come to enjoy the festivities which included several rounds of Dodge ball, and a nature hike that included finding two objects from the world popular Internet game Geocaching, and a Zip line made by Cody’ dad!  We ended the day with two (2) Fried Thanksgiving Turkey’s with all the fixings including corn bread, cranberries and a one of a kind dutch oven cake…

On a final note, it was nice to see our dollars being put to good use as we have recently purchased some supplies for the Pack that were clearly used on this and will be used in many more trips to come.  Some of the items include the new kitchen tent, dutch oven pans, pots, coffee thermos, a couple of lamps and a few other items.  Enjoy the pictures…

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