Pinewood Derby 2013


What a show!  This years Pinewood Derby was fierce!  This by far,  is our largest class of Webelos leaving the Pack to join the ranks of Troop 357 (or others).

We got started a bit late but once the track was built and checked for issues, the races began.  As usual, we raced by dens and there was definitely some serious clashes.  As our Pack grew this year, we had many cars racing.  The boys were pumped and had a great time.  Congratulations to all the boys!!! Here are the final standings and pictures are below!

Heat Winners

First Place Cody
Second Place Jake
Hon. Mention Kane
Wolves / Bears
First Place Juien
Second Place Cullum
Third Place Zach
Webelos 1
First Place Antonio
Second Place Joshua
Third Place Sebastian B.
Webelos 2
First Place Samuel
Second Place Adam
Third Place Jason

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