Camping at Larry and Penny Thompson Park

Our first official family camping trip was held on 11/8-11/10/13 and there is only one word to describe it… Awesome!  What made is so awesome, I’ll tell you.. It was the amount of cubs that attended.  We had many old faces (no, I am not talking about us old people), I’m talking about season parents.  There was also a very strong squad of the new parents and cubs which made it so cool.  While it rained throughout the day (and night), it did not stop us from enjoying the trip.  We had a bike rodeo, hiking trail, played dodge ball, kickball and yes even some of the parent joined in.  We cooled off in the pool and enjoyed some outstanding food.

I was a bit disappointed we were not able to build a huge 14ft bond fire to roast the cubs, oh I mean tell stories and do some skits due to the rain, but we were still able to have a small little fire where the kids enjoyed marshmallow and mmmmmm smores…  We did retire some flags given to us by our bank where the kids were able to experience it.  All in all, it all the scouts, parents and leaders enjoyed themselves and the pictures prove it.  Enjoy the images

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