Thunderbird District Family Campout

We attended the Thunderbird District Family Campout 2 weeks ago at Camp Everglades and it was a great turnout.  Not only from our Pack, but the District.  Thunderbird District is one of the oldest District’s in South Florida and many Packs showed that this outing.  The theme was the Council of Nations and our Pack had chosen the Inuit’s.  During opening ceremony, all Packs presented their token to display on the map as well as a presentation about their chosen tribe.  Cane, Luke, Marques, Zachary and Anthony let the presentation.  Saturday was outstanding with several activities that both the Scouts and Parents enjoyed.  It was overcast in the morning but the weather stuck with us and could not have been better.  No mosquito’ either!

Each Pack was responsible for an activity or two and I have to admin, I believe both of our activities took the cake with Kevin and his Travois rides’ and a talented girls school project. :)  Saturday dinner was Awesome and the Crossover presentation was super cool where all of the Scouts partook in.  We ended Saturday night with a Hot Dog and Smores’ by our camp fire with our neighbors from Pack 137.  Another great camping trip under our belts for the season.  As always, thanks to all the leaders as well as parents for all the hard work they did.  Enjoy the images!

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