Camp Everglades in January

Our latest camping trip was to South Florida Council’ own Camp Everglades.  I have to admit, it was a tough weekend in terms of weather.  The Friday was ridiculed with heavy rain which was a deterrent to many.  Only myself and Jim, one of our Den Leaders were able to make it to the actual campsite.  When I tell you that my little car almost got stranded, there was a good 3ft of water on the muddy road.  Nonetheless, we made it in and made camp.  The four of us enjoyed the evening.  On Saturday morning, we had the majority of the campers roll in and we quickly established camp and were able to stay (for the most part) on agenda.

The highlights of the weekend were the two (2) tours we had – 1 at the Gumbo Limbo trail, where are resident know-it-all Mr. Kevin captivated Scouts, parents and even tourists to follow him through the trail as he spoke just about everything.  This was a fantastic campout and apologize for the delay in getting these pictures up.


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