awardWe had our first Pack award ceremony of the season and it was Awesome!  Our Pack has been growing since the start and it was incredible to see so many Scouts and Parents there; we almost didn’t have enough space at the Terrazzo but we made it work.

There were many achievements and awards being given in each den but I amazed at the amount of Bobcat‘s earned.  We had an astounding 14 Scouts earn there first rank – our biggest group yet.  Congratulations to Diego, Giovanni, Nathan, Stuart, Caylen, Mamello, Jayden, Ethan, Phillip, Orion, Sebastian, Natan, Caleb & Seth…

Congrats again to all the Scouts and enjoy the pics…



everykidNow that we have had a few meetings under our belt I’d like to recognize the new Parents for their commitment to the program. Building capable, responsible men for family, community, and nation.  Next time your at a Den meeting, introduce yourself to someone you don’t know!!

PACK 357 welcomes 21 new Scouts:

Caleb, Dylan, Orion, Sebastian, Giancarlos, Ethan, Jayden, Seth, Philip, Mamello, Latravis Jr., Antipas, Diego, Nathan, Stuart, Oliver and Giovanni.

voteIt’s time to Vote!

We are ready to select the camp outings that will make this year’s calendar.  Below you will find several locations our committee members, leaders and parents have suggested and we want your input.

Please select your favorite three (3) locations and we will tally the votes and place them in our calendar.  If your not familiar with these locations, click on the name and you can read up on it.


*UPDATE* Polls have ended and we have our list!


Which three (3) Camping trips should we schedule?

Total Voters: 12

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