Pinelands Presbyterian Church

Thursday, May 19th (7-9PM)

** Class A Uniform **

Our 2015-2016 crossover ceremony is here. This Thursday, the Pack will be having their crossover ceremony at the church.

We invite you to bring your family and friends to enjoy this memorable event in your Scouts life.  This will be a potluck gathering and we encourage everyone to bring an appetizer, finger food, snack or dessert to share.  The Pack will provide paper products and refreshments.

We ask for all Scouts to be there on time so we can start promptly.  I will say the weather is looking a bit bleak but this is a Rain or Shine Event.  If it looks bad at time of setup, we will be moving to the room which is located on the back of the property.  See you there.

Cubmaster Alex

voteIt’s time to Vote!

We are ready to select the camp outings that will make this year’s calendar.  Below you will find several locations our committee members, leaders and parents have suggested and we want your input.

Please select your favorite three (3) locations and we will tally the votes and place them in our calendar.  If your not familiar with these locations, click on the name and you can read up on it.


*UPDATE* Polls have ended and we have our list!


Which three (3) Camping trips should we schedule?

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