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We are ready to select the camp outings that will make this year’s calendar.  Below you will find several locations our committee members, leaders and parents have suggested and we want your input.

Please select your favorite three (3) locations and we will tally the votes and place them in our calendar.  If your not familiar with these locations, click on the name and you can read up on it.


*UPDATE* Polls have ended and we have our list!


Which three (3) Camping trips should we schedule?

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We attended the Thunderbird District Family Campout 2 weeks ago at Camp Everglades and it was a great turnout.  Not only from our Pack, but the District.  Thunderbird District is one of the oldest District’s in South Florida and many Packs showed that this outing.  The theme was the Council of Nations and our Pack had chosen the Inuit’s.  During opening ceremony, all Packs presented their token to display on the map as well as a presentation about their chosen tribe.  Cane, Luke, Marques, Zachary and Anthony let the presentation.  Saturday was outstanding with several activities that both the Scouts and Parents enjoyed.  It was overcast in the morning but the weather stuck with us and could not have been better.  No mosquito’ either!

Each Pack was responsible for an activity or two and I have to admin, I believe both of our activities took the cake with Kevin and his Travois rides’ and a talented girls school project. :)  Saturday dinner was Awesome and the Crossover presentation was super cool where all of the Scouts partook in.  We ended Saturday night with a Hot Dog and Smores’ by our camp fire with our neighbors from Pack 137.  Another great camping trip under our belts for the season.  As always, thanks to all the leaders as well as parents for all the hard work they did.  Enjoy the images!

firstOur first Pack camping trip is finally under our belts. I’ve got to say that overall, it was a huge success. We had excellent weather and had a big group of campers as well as one-day participants. The food was fantastic and plenty of it.  The hike and eco-adventure were spectacular and the fellowship between new and seasoned Scouts made the trip.

The first night out was tough. Sunset showed its face about 7PM and most of us (me included) got to the park a bit later which made it tedious to get the tents and campsite up and running. Luckily, we had a shelter with picnic tables so we did not have to setup the mess hall/kitchen. As mentioned, there was a slew of new recruits that came and most if not all others helped setting them up. The kids seemed to have found a rhythm between themselves as they sat around a camping light (yes, I said camping light – not a fire pit) and told scary stories for a few hours which by itself was a great help to us parents/leaders allowing us to get everything set. Friday night was an early turn in since we had a BIG schedule for the next day.

On Saturday, we woke up to a fantastic breakfast which gave all of us the energy to tackle the nature hike where one parent took the lead and gave us a very informative talk as we walked the trail. After the hike, we had some fun with a few games of dodge ball and the younger children were drawing murals on the street with chalk. Lunch followed as the Webelos assisted serving. The Pack then split up into dens to do their own activities. We then all packed up under the shelter to work on the Pinewood Derby cars. All the parents then chipped in to get dinner completed and served at an incredible pace. We cooked for 40+ attendees, ate and cleaned up all in less than two (yes, I said 2) hours. The reason for the hurry is that we had our Owl eco-adventure at 7PM. There was a great instructional class which was then followed by an Owl hunt. While most of the Owl’s were not cooperating, we did manage to see one. We ended the evening with a HUGE fire followed by S’mores and the kids told some more scary stories.

On Sunday we all attended Scouts own where the boys gave thanks for things in their lives, we broke down camp and everyone helped and cleaned up. Thank you so very much to all the leaders and parents for whom we could not have made it possible! Now to what you all came here to see – the pictures. Enjoy and can’t wait for our next campout.