funday_2014We had a great turnout at this year’s Cub Scout Family Fun Day.  This was the first of many South Florida Council events which was held at three different locations.  Of course, us being in the Thunderbird District, we went to Homestead Air Reserve Park.  The weather was HOT but worked out beautifully as there were no clouds in sight.  It had a medieval theme and there was even a Knight testing the new recruits for their Bobcat.  There were a total of fourteen (14) stations and most, if not all Scouts enjoyed them all.  The Scouts earned there Archery and BB Gun shooting belt loop which will be awarded at the next Pack meeting.  The Webelos also completed a necessary requirement or two.  At the end, the Scouts walked out with this cool looking patch!

Enjoy the pics and if anyone is kind enough to send me more, I will gladly post them.

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Just some quick announcements – Announcements – Announcements… This Saturday (4/21) is the Baynanza.  The Council’s annual community clean up is here.  Remember parents must stay – no drop offs.  If you have gloves, please bring them!  Contact and address information available on our calendar. One week from today, we have out 1st Annual Space […]

Say hello to the 2012 Best Overall New Cub Scout Pack in the South Florida Council!  You heard correct..  Our boys definitely earned this at the Lincoln Marti Camporee this past weekend.  There was so much to do over the weekend that most of the parents (and maybe some of the kids) were exhausted.  It was really […]