This year’s District campout was two weeks ago and I must say how AwEsOmE it was.  Definitely one of our better ones this year.  There were many Packs from the District as well as two Troops for support – our very own Troop 357 and Troop 69.   The theme for this Family campout was Olympics with each Pack designating a Country.  There were many creative sports on the field including Javalyn throw, Circular Dodge, Long jump and our own Shot put & the Untie Relay.  Dinner was also an event on its own…

Many thanks to all the Leaders, Committee Members and Parents whom made the campout incredible!  Enjoy the Pics!


IMAG3779_1 The annual Raingutter Regatta happened this past Den meeting and let me tell you the races were fantastic.  There was a very good turnout of Scouts for the event with sixteen (16) boat entries and they all looked great.  The races were by Den and the winners of each Den then went on to the Championship round.  It wasn’t easy as some of the races were tight, but with the help of the parents/leaders and the software, we were able to conduct fair and accurate reporting.

It took a bit longer than anticipated as we only used two lanes (instead of the 4 we have) in order to allow all parents and Scouts to enjoy the event as well as receive the same amount of encouragement from the other Scouts.

I’m calling out all the parents to please send us your pictures from the event in order for us to share with everyone.  Send us your cloud links or just email them to us.  Keep checking back for the latest pictures.

Congratulations to all the boys that participated.  The final results are below.  Go Pack 357!




Heat Winners

First Place Micah
Second Place Ethan
First Place Coltrane
Second Place Daniel
Third Place Lucas
First Place Cody
Second Place Maya
Webelos 1 & 2
First Place Tony
Second Place Daniel
Third Place Connor
The Regatta Championship
1st Place Tony
2nd Place Coltrane
3rd Place Cody