41st_oldcutlerhike_patchWe had a good turnout for the hike.  The morning started off pleasant but during registration, we got a dose of that Florida weather with a 5 minute down pour which only seemed to bother the Downtown area.  After that, we had nothing but clear skies for the entirety of the hike.

While the map/notes provided mention it as a 12.7 mile hike, there were a few parents tracking it an additional 3 miles.  The u-turn from 105th back to 88th Street is about a mile alone.  Nonetheless, the Scouts and Parents had a good rhythm for the majority of the hike and we all helped each other out.  I am extremely proud of our Scouts and congratulate them on this feat.

Enjoy the pics!

Cubmaster Alex

40th_oldcutlerhikeIt’s official and in the books.  The 40th Annual Old Cutler Hike took place on Saturday and the weather was absolutely wonderful.  We had a total of 11 kids along with 6 parents and guess what, WE ALL FINISHED!!!  During the trail, we saw many historic sites such as the Tequesta Circle, Viscaya, Mrs. Maud Black’ home to name a few.  We also had a great scavenger hunt which kept us all entertained and on point to go on.  At mile marker 6.5, we had lunch and relaxed for a good 20 minutes before we started the rest of the trek.  Sometime after 4:15, we reached our destination in Pinecrest and everyone let out a sign of relief.

I could not be prouder of these Scouts (as well as the leaders and Parents).  Kudos to All!

Enjoy the pictures!