We have setup a tour of the Police station for the Wolf & Bear dens this Thursday and have opened it up to all dens.  ALL dens will be participating.  Wear your Class “B”.
When: This Thursday 5/12 @ 7PM
Where: MDPD South Dade District Station
We encourage everyone to be their promptly at 7PM.  We will meet in front of the building.
Cubmaster Alex

We had our 1st campout of the season two weeks ago and I can definitely call it a success.  We have many new Scouts on board both camping and coming out for the Saturday activities and had a wonderful turnout.

The only thing I will say is that the weather was a nuisance to say the least.  It rained, it stopped, the sun came out, the clouds moved in, it rained some more…. This went on throughout the weekend but we all persevered.  The Scouts stood strong and didn’t let the weather dictate their outing!

There were many activities on Saturday right after a great breakfast.  We went on an early hike, followed by a few games of Dodgeball.  The leaders/parents also joined in and had their 2nd annual Dodgeball challenge vs. the Scouts.  The Parents were able to retain their title as they beat the Scouts once again!  Better luck next time Scouts….

smoresAfter lunch we all cooled off in the Pool followed by some free time, a Pinewood derby workshop and everybody joined in to cook Dinner.  After dinner, we had a quick campfire (due to the weather) and managed to stuff our faces in smores.

This was a great first campout as it was a good eye opener to the new Scouts and their Parents on what goes on.  I should also mention this was the first campout that we went green!  All the Scouts brought their meal kits and cleaned their own dishes.

green earth concept

This certainly was a win-win.  We were able to save space in the trailer, made cleanup considerably less, saved time, did our part in keeping the earth clean and if that was not enough, Scouts cleaned their own dishes.  We encourage all the Parents to purchase their own meal kit in order to keep this initiative moving.



Enjoy the pictures!


We had A Night At The Museum Camp-In this past weekend at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale and it was fantastic.  The turnout was great.  We were greeted at the front door by the representative who quickly allowed us in to the museum promptly at 6:30.  We were sent to a room to leave all of our bags and everyone was allowed to roam the museum until the official start at 7.   The evening began with a pizza party and a introduction from the staff which explained the agenda.  We, if you already didn’t know partnered with Pack 137 on this trip as they are the newest Pack in the Thunderbird District.  Mike and the gang are a great group and will be continuing to assist them in developing their Pack.

As we continued to explore the museum the mad lab was opened at 8pm.  I know what your thinking but we did not burn down the museum…  We were treated to a science class (where I learned a few things) and then we all participated in some crazy experiments.  After the mad lab, they opened the simulation rides as we continued to explore all what the museum had to offer.  The museum has a mix of scientific, informational as well as natural exhibits which were all captivating.  At 11pm, campers began looking for their sleeping areas as we were allowed to sleep virtually anywhere within the museum.

My children decided to sleep with all the critters including bats, scorpions and yes, even tarantulas; thanks to my kids for that!!  Lights out happened at midnight.

Lights came on at 7am and were required to leave by 8am.  I must say that this was a great adventure and I highly recommend this outing for any other Pack or group.  Oh, and only the attendees know what came alive during the Night At The Museum.  Enjoy the pics and as always, if you have some pictures to share, send them my way!