We had our 1st campout of the season two weeks ago and I can definitely call it a success.  We have many new Scouts on board both camping and coming out for the Saturday activities and had a wonderful turnout.

The only thing I will say is that the weather was a nuisance to say the least.  It rained, it stopped, the sun came out, the clouds moved in, it rained some more…. This went on throughout the weekend but we all persevered.  The Scouts stood strong and didn’t let the weather dictate their outing!

There were many activities on Saturday right after a great breakfast.  We went on an early hike, followed by a few games of Dodgeball.  The leaders/parents also joined in and had their 2nd annual Dodgeball challenge vs. the Scouts.  The Parents were able to retain their title as they beat the Scouts once again!  Better luck next time Scouts….

smoresAfter lunch we all cooled off in the Pool followed by some free time, a Pinewood derby workshop and everybody joined in to cook Dinner.  After dinner, we had a quick campfire (due to the weather) and managed to stuff our faces in smores.

This was a great first campout as it was a good eye opener to the new Scouts and their Parents on what goes on.  I should also mention this was the first campout that we went green!  All the Scouts brought their meal kits and cleaned their own dishes.

green earth concept

This certainly was a win-win.  We were able to save space in the trailer, made cleanup considerably less, saved time, did our part in keeping the earth clean and if that was not enough, Scouts cleaned their own dishes.  We encourage all the Parents to purchase their own meal kit in order to keep this initiative moving.



Enjoy the pictures!


Hi All,

We had our Back to the Pack summer event on Saturday, 8/16 at Black Point Marina. The turnout was awesome! Although the weather looked terrible we got lucky and the storm stayed just west of us. It was HOT and MUGGY and the kids certainly worked out by playing soccer, volley ball and dodge ball. By the time the kids were tiring, the BBQ was ready for a great outdoors sit down lunch.

Afterwords we all sat down and had a welcoming conversation.  We introduced the leadership and committee members as well as outlining our vision for the upcoming season.  Time went and by the time we were ready for Smores, the weather was signaling us so we decided to cancel the campfire.  Of course the Cub Scouts were not happy so we have promised that we will have a campfire along with Smores during our

1st Official Pack Meeting on Thursday, September 4, 2014 @ 7PM.

I also want to take this time to remind the Pack members that we are still taking suggestions for camp outing locations.  All suggestions will be put to a vote so we can finalize our season calendar.  Send us your requests.  I didn’t have enough time to take more pictures which I regret, so if anyone has please send them to us.  Enjoy the few here!